Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deadpool Hearts You

Deadpool piece done for Fan Alley's Mini Deadpool gallery going on now til the movie comes out next week! Go check them out! Then watch the movie...like 15 times so they for sure make a sequel!

423 S. Brookhurst Ave.
Anaheim, CA

Tom Clancy's The Division Beta Impressions.

The Division Beta:
Games that it reminds me of after playing.
True Crimes Series: For Divisions accurate recreation of Manhatten much like what the True Crimes games did for LA and NY.
Freedom Fighters: The overall look and feel looks like a graphically upgraded Freedom Fighters.
GTA: For Divisions attention to detail and massive open world. PVE-wise there are so many buildings you can go into to find loot boxes and tunnels to explore.
Uncharted/Gears of War: Divisions shooting and cover system plays similar to those games it seems.
Diablo 3: Loot drops, rarity, and how the game shows 3 different stats per weapon and armor that is affected on your character. Also the ability to seemingly switch out skills on the fly similar to Diablo 3's rune system.
DC Universe Online: Divisions character appearance is similar. Once you find a style for that particular piece of clothing you can freely customize it on the fly as you please completely separate from whatever armor you are wearing at the time.
DayZ: Division's darkzone has the tension of not knowing who is friendly and who is not and the risk of losing loot that you fought to get.
Rainbow Six: Enemy AI seems to react pretty well to your actions by taking cover, trying to flank, etc. Very tactical firefights about gaining good vantage points and positions.
Watchdogs: The UI and interface is very Watchdog Augmented Reality style.
Overall enjoyed the hell out of the Beta and will surely be picking my preorder up day 1. There's audio files and things called Echos you can reconstruct to get a sense of the back story of what happened and how people dealt with the fallout. Darkzone is pretty fun for bursts of time when you are either hunting Rogue agents that attacked other players or become a Rogue agent trying to fend off an entire zone of people.
Just hoping they fix some issues with glitches and bugs for the Darkzone aspect. Players were getting out of sync with servers and thus became invisible and invincible from time to time.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Neverending Darkness

Had a blast at the Neverending Fantasy Art Show and Gallery. In case you missed it here was my piece for the show.


I also made a special edition version for the art show's raffle. Thank you William for giving it a home!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Neverending Fantasy Art Show

For those few that follow me on here and for those that accidentally stumbled onto this blog, there is going to be an awesome art show/gallery/artist singing I will be a part of and attending next month.

It will be an 80's Fantasy themed art show, so all pieces will pertain to 5 awesome 80's fantasy movies, The Princess Bride, Legend, Neverending Story, Labryinth, and Willow. Did I also mention it will be a Deck of Cards art show?! No?! Well, it will also be a deck of cards art show! What this means is that there will be 52 participating artist...ahem...52 Fantastic participating artists and each piece will be apart of a 52 card playing deck! Each suite and each number will have it's own unique piece of art!!

So come down, enjoy the art, meet the artists, and have fun! It is inconceivable that you will not enjoy yourself at an art show put on by 2Sketchydames.

For a little preview of mine just look below. That little red demon, or Darkness from the movie Legend, on the right is mine! :)

Artists attending the signing:

Kristin Mouri - @onlyonekingdom
Adolph Soliz - @solizart
Christina Jose - @smalls_art
Nikki Longfish - @drawingnikki
Kelsey McSweeney - @kelseymcsweeney
Christian Alvarez - @ghostlyre
Louisiana Ramos - @louisianArtz
Jenny Calabro - @Eidolon_Night
Jay Salce - @theartofjaysalce
Billy Blue - @Billyblue82
Patrick Ballesteros - @patrickballesteros
Matt Doering - @mdoering
Stephen Yan - @syngeist
Mike Collins - @tikimachine
Dean Rullan - @redinkedpanda
Sam King - @sammyck1
Joanna Mendoza - @joannalovesart
Kelley Frisby - @kellsworthink
Christine Knopp - @kikidoodling
Cole Harrington - @vicehii
Chris Kawagiwa - @sketchboy01
Andrew Douglas - @angimoto
Whitney Weber - @tinker_tailor_illustrator
Kris Wimberly - @optik2010
Beth Hughes - @beffalumps
Jessie Greenberg - @jessaronicheese
Michelle Hiraishi- @_mhiraishi
Janna Bock - @jannabock
Art Fuentes - @arteff
Justin Rodrigues - @jtown67
Maria Vitan - @mariavitan
Rocky Olivares - @Meowkernaut
Dustin Burkes-LarraƱaga - @dustin.burkes
Michaela Clisson - @doomypotato
Marcus Harris - @MarcLHar
Wendell Nesbit - @aseph1

Artists not attending, but participating in the gallery:

Noemi Romero - @koisnake
Naomi Romero - @yowulf
Gabby Zapata - @gabbyzapata
Teri Archibald - @teriarchibbles
Carla Roque - @Ladyhope11
Holly Randall
Christopher S. Wilson
Gretchen Braun - @grimmgretchy
Mei Ren - @meirendraws
Yingjue Chen - @praeclaris
Jeremy Jayme - @jaymetwins
Jemely Jayme - @jaymetwins
Kim O'Reilly - @orlyoreilly
Crystal Curtis - @crystalcurtisart
Crystal Dawn Godat - @crystaldrawn
Lindsay Dale - @Inzie09
Kimberli Johnson - @kimberlistudio

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Axe to Grind

So Team Titan completed another 24 hour comic last October. Things are in the works to finalize it. So what is it about...well, Batman became a crime fighter to rid crime after a criminal killed his parents...what happens when a Kid sees a tree fall and kill his parents...Can't wait to show off more. But I'll leave you with this image. 

In the meantime, don't forget to check out Tales of Hammerfist to follow the adventures of Behrend! A new page every Monday.

I'll also be at Comikaze in Artist Alley AA915. Free Fistbumps while supplies last!

Monday, August 4, 2014

My non-spoilery review of Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was my number one anticipated movie this year. From the initial trailer, I felt it was going to have a great blend of action, adventure, and humor. It works as a Marvel movie to expand their MCU. It works as an entertaining, fun, and action packed space opera.
The script was great and handled each character incredibly well. The team has incredible chemistry with one another. Each member has their own unique personality but gels with the rest of the team seamlessly. Each Guardian has ample screen time and each member has moments throughout the entire movie which is very rare, possibly better done then even the Avengers. So many good lines and moments with each character, even minor ones.
The threat felt real and urgent. The big bad of the movie felt threatening and, for me, very memorable. Other Marvel movies had a weak villain, either not well developed or not as threatening as they are made out to be, but Ronin was badass.
The pacing was great, I was entertained and on the edge of my seat the entire time.
The action was great and entertaining. A lot of the action/chase scenes were very reminiscent of Indiana Jones. A lof of the space battles felt very Star Wars like. A Visual feast.
And the audio, oh man, the use of music throughout the movie was incredibly well done. Chose great tracks that fit the tone and mood of each scene. An audio feast.
As my number 1 anticipated movie this year, it did not disappoint. You'll tear up, you'll pump your fists, and you'll laugh. It's one of those rare movies that has everything. Memorable characters. Amazing Action. Light-hearted fun. Colorful music and equally colorful visuals. A movie that is a little Avengers, a little Star Wars, a little Indiana Jones and all HEART!!!