Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parker Coins

My entry in the Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex #8 Art Contest on Deviantart.

Name: Parker Coins
Age: 26
Activities: Parkour, Shadow Boxing.
Favorite Movie: Speed
Favorite Book: Miles Per Hour
Favorite Food: Onion Rings
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Eggs
Weapon: Rosy Knuckles (brass knuckles)
Favorite Band: Chaos Emeralds, Dream Fruition
Affiliations: Emerald Hill Runners
Favorite Artist: Naoto Oshima

Unknown to the Katayanagi Twins, near the end of their relationship with Ramona, Ramona was also seeing
another boy, Parker Coins and continued to do so after her falling out with the twins.

Ramona was initially attracted to Parker's discipline of parkour and "live in the moment attitude" and hoped to adapt the principles of parkour to enhance her own subspace ability. As soon as Ramona no longer needed Parker, she was going to dump him. However, Ramona had been wanting to change some of her impuslive ways and so decided to not break up with Parker.

However, Parker eventually became too focused on his training and was constantly out running and training. Ramona, feeling like Parker no longer involved her in his moment, decided to split. Upon returning from one of his runs, he found a note from Ramona that said, "This is the end of the line. Ciao."

During the events of Scott Pilgrim and his league battles, Parker was traveling the world training. His last training stop was Antarctica. Upon returning to the states and catching up on his emails, he found out he had missed out on the creation of the league to get back at Ramona. This, however, doesn't deter him from tracking down Ramona and Scott to exact his revenge.

Parker attacks Ramona's heart(Scott), like how Ramona hurt his own. Parker captures Ramona and sets Scott up to go through 4 obstacle courses inside castles across the United States to save Ramona. At the end of each course, Scott is left with a note that reads, "Your Ramona is in another castle" and leaves directions to the next level.


Fighting: Parker requires his enemies to chase him down and tries to defeat his enemies by having them fall in his traps. Parker utilizes dirty boxing tactics when fighting as well as the surrounding environment. He carries around a pair of brass knuckles for added damage. Eats onion rings to refill his health. When hit, onion rings fall out of his backpack.

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