Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comic Con 2012 & Drawings

Comic Con was great. Hung out with and saw a lot of friends. So much to see and so little time to see everything. Got to chat with some of the Udon artists, Long Vo and Joe Ng (http://vampbeauty.deviantart.com/). Met Linda, aka Vampy! (http://vampbeauty.deviantart.com/). Got to chat a bit with Raychul (http://www.raychul.com/). Also had a fun chat with a Resident Evil fan at the Capcom booth, Su Wan (http://www.qishi.deviantart.com/). Including the people that I met, Vampy, Raychul, Su Wan, there were soooo many other great costumers and cosplayers there. Made it into the Community panel! Pop! Pop! Attended the Epic Mickey panel w/ Marv Wolfman and watched Jim Lee draw several times. Picked up a couple of Alex Ross sketchbooks and came back with 8+ shirts, my favorite of which is the Playstation: All Star Battle Royale Team Sly Shirt, since my initials are SLY! Also came away with a Hitman tie, a beanie, and a Foot clan hat. A great 5 days. Can't wait for next year.

A few things I drew while there:

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