Saturday, February 21, 2015

Neverending Fantasy Art Show

For those few that follow me on here and for those that accidentally stumbled onto this blog, there is going to be an awesome art show/gallery/artist singing I will be a part of and attending next month.

It will be an 80's Fantasy themed art show, so all pieces will pertain to 5 awesome 80's fantasy movies, The Princess Bride, Legend, Neverending Story, Labryinth, and Willow. Did I also mention it will be a Deck of Cards art show?! No?! Well, it will also be a deck of cards art show! What this means is that there will be 52 participating artist...ahem...52 Fantastic participating artists and each piece will be apart of a 52 card playing deck! Each suite and each number will have it's own unique piece of art!!

So come down, enjoy the art, meet the artists, and have fun! It is inconceivable that you will not enjoy yourself at an art show put on by 2Sketchydames.

For a little preview of mine just look below. That little red demon, or Darkness from the movie Legend, on the right is mine! :)

Artists attending the signing:

Kristin Mouri - @onlyonekingdom
Adolph Soliz - @solizart
Christina Jose - @smalls_art
Nikki Longfish - @drawingnikki
Kelsey McSweeney - @kelseymcsweeney
Christian Alvarez - @ghostlyre
Louisiana Ramos - @louisianArtz
Jenny Calabro - @Eidolon_Night
Jay Salce - @theartofjaysalce
Billy Blue - @Billyblue82
Patrick Ballesteros - @patrickballesteros
Matt Doering - @mdoering
Stephen Yan - @syngeist
Mike Collins - @tikimachine
Dean Rullan - @redinkedpanda
Sam King - @sammyck1
Joanna Mendoza - @joannalovesart
Kelley Frisby - @kellsworthink
Christine Knopp - @kikidoodling
Cole Harrington - @vicehii
Chris Kawagiwa - @sketchboy01
Andrew Douglas - @angimoto
Whitney Weber - @tinker_tailor_illustrator
Kris Wimberly - @optik2010
Beth Hughes - @beffalumps
Jessie Greenberg - @jessaronicheese
Michelle Hiraishi- @_mhiraishi
Janna Bock - @jannabock
Art Fuentes - @arteff
Justin Rodrigues - @jtown67
Maria Vitan - @mariavitan
Rocky Olivares - @Meowkernaut
Dustin Burkes-LarraƱaga - @dustin.burkes
Michaela Clisson - @doomypotato
Marcus Harris - @MarcLHar
Wendell Nesbit - @aseph1

Artists not attending, but participating in the gallery:

Noemi Romero - @koisnake
Naomi Romero - @yowulf
Gabby Zapata - @gabbyzapata
Teri Archibald - @teriarchibbles
Carla Roque - @Ladyhope11
Holly Randall
Christopher S. Wilson
Gretchen Braun - @grimmgretchy
Mei Ren - @meirendraws
Yingjue Chen - @praeclaris
Jeremy Jayme - @jaymetwins
Jemely Jayme - @jaymetwins
Kim O'Reilly - @orlyoreilly
Crystal Curtis - @crystalcurtisart
Crystal Dawn Godat - @crystaldrawn
Lindsay Dale - @Inzie09
Kimberli Johnson - @kimberlistudio