Tuesday, October 23, 2012

El Tiburon vs El Pulpo WiP

WiP of my El Tiburon (Shark) vs El Pulpo (Octopus) piece so far.

1. Preliminary sketch.

2. Refined my sketch - The position of the original octopus was no good Luchador was not looking at it. So I modified it to make them face to face and eye to eye. Also improves composition. I try to fix as many errors at this stage, proportions, composition, etc.

3. Cleaned up the lines for a more refined line drawing. Ready for colors.

4. Added some base colors to characters. Modified digitally via hue/saturation/brightness/contrast to get the colors I want.

5. Changed base colors up to give the characters more contrast. Made Octopus red to contrast with the Luchador's blues.
 - Went with a comic book coloring style. Created separate layers on top of base colors, Shadows set to Overlay and Highlights set to Color Dodge.
 - Chose a dark turquoise value for the shadows and color picked base colors for color dodge highlights.
 - Used lasso tool to select areas I needed and then used the Gradient fill tool set to circular and Foreground to Transparent and filled in selections.

6. Will fill this step in when I get there, but will probably be more of step 4 and just deciding on a background.

Monday, October 8, 2012

APE 2012

I'll be with my buddies Ralph Miranda and Chris Kawagiwa at the Alternative Press Expo October 13 & 14.